Advances in Mitochondrial Medicine

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The mitochondria give us the amount of energy we need to move, grow and think.

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Mitochondria also play a crucial role in protecting the cells of the body against various types of damage, in traumatic brain injury, for example. Mitochondrial disorders can occur when the mitochondria do not function properly. These diseases can express in a variety of ways. Sometimes, the symptoms express in just one organ, but there are often several organs or organ systems involved.

Primary mitochondrial disorders are caused by congenital genetic variants.

Mitochondrial medicine--recent advances.

Many common diseases have also been linked to altered mitochondrial function, and in acute injury organ damage, mitochondrial status can determine whether cells survive or die. Despite these advances, there is an enormous amount still to do in the mitochondrial segment. Capital Markets Day Read More. In addition, innovative therapies are now available for a few primary mitochondrial diseases, and clinical trials will probably increase in the near future.

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An increased awareness of these disorders is therefore needed in order to facilitate earlier diagnosis and genetic counselling for affected families, to improve the multidisciplinary care of patients, and for clinical trial readiness. Pediatricians, neurologists, neuromuscular specialists, internists, cardiologists, geneticists, biochemists, and other clinicians and scientists willing to improve their knowledge of the diagnosis and treatment of primary mitochondrial disorders. The registration form should be completed on-line and submitted with your curriculum vitae in English.

No payment is required at this stage. Candidates will be selected based on their background and experience. The scientific organising committee will review the applications and select participants.

Selection decisions will be announced within 10 days following the deadline for registration. Skip to main content. Learn more facts about mitochondria and mitochondrial disorder.

Mitochondrial Medicine

We embrace a coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to support your family. Integrated diagnostic tests developed at CHOP can provide definitive diagnosis, leading to better treatments.

New discoveries are happening every day to create additional methods to diagnose mitochondrial disease. View Our Advanced Tests.

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  4. Our dedicated team members are focused on determining the best course of treatment for each patient while working in collaboration with your primary care physician, neurologist, and other specialists. Meet Our Team.

    As the Mitochondrial Care Network Launches, What’s the State of Mitochondrial Medicine?

    Learn more about scheduling an appointment and what to expect during your first visit with Mitochondrial Medicine. Juliet is the first patient in the world to be diagnosed with a rare form of mitochondrial disease.

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    Brothers Matthew and Joshua participate in studies that may lead to new treatments for their condition, mitochondrial disease.