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This article is great. Oral language development and the fostering of that development is so important. Taking the time to really talk, interact and actively listen to your children is critical in oral language development. I liked the comment "treat children as if they are conversationalists". I am a big component of not talking "down" to children, but intelligently to them. As a new grandparent, I look forward to watching my grandson master oral language.

I found it interesting the article stated that "constant correction of a child's speech is usually unproductive. The line in the article "The point of learning language and interacting socially,then, is not to master rules, but to make connections with other people and to make sense of experiences" Makes so much sense to me, for me "relationship" is what preschool is all about. This article stands as a reminder of the importance of discussions with our children and student.

I have observed many instances this summer where parents and children are plugged into cell phones or games during dinner instead of having conversations with each other.

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Small children are not always getting that language development opportunity at home. I work with so many different ages. This article emphasizes the life experiences that children need and how those experiences shape their language development. This is a great reminder of opportunities to take in communication and listening.

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This is a great article about oral language. It is so important for children to get experiences with oral language before school begins. So many children lack social and oral skills when they arrrive to Kindergarten and that puts them behind from day one. Parents could greatly benefit from the information in this article. A child's development is so important to consider in their emergent reading skills.

There are so many factors that lead to a child's literacy and reading levels. As teachers, I think we should remember that children don't all get the social language practice in their beginning years at home. These students begin school with a much smaller vocabulary. Great article. It is so important to help children facilitate their pragmatic language skills. So many of our special needs children have difficulty with this area. But with focus on social language at home and with a friend or friends they can develop these skills.

We need to look for and ask for these services.

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Author Interviews Meet your favorite authors and illustrators in our video interviews. Book Finder Create your own booklists from our library of 5, books! Themed Booklists Dozens of carefully selected booklists, for kids years old. Nonfiction for Kids Tips on finding great books, reading nonfiction and more. Skip to main content. You are here Home. Young Children's Oral Language Development.

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By: Celia Genishi. When and how language is learned Almost all children learn the rules of their language at an early age through use, and over time, without formal instruction. By the time they start kindergarten, children know most of the fundamentals of their language, so that they are able to converse easily with someone who speaks as they do that is, in their dialect.

Oral language components Oral language, the complex system that relates sounds to meanings, is made up of three components: the phonological, semantic, and syntactic Lindfors, Nurturing language development Parents and caregivers need to remember that language in the great majority of individuals develops very efficiently. Here are some general guidelines for teachers, parents, and other caregivers: Understand that every child's language or dialect is worthy of respect as a valid system for communication.

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It reflects the identities, values, and experiences of the child's family and community. Treat children as if they are conversationalists, even if they are not yet talking. Children learn very early about how conversations work taking turns, looking attentively, using facial experiences with conversing adults. Encourage interaction among children. Peer learning is an important part of language development, especially in mixed-age groups. Activities involving a wide range of materials should promote talk. There should be a balance between individual activities and those that nurture collaboration and discussion, such as dramatic play, block-building, book-sharing, or carpentry.

Remember that parents, caregivers, teachers, and guardians are the chief resources in language development. Children learn much from each other, but adults are the main conversationalists, questioners, listeners, responders, and sustainers of language development and growth in the child-care center or classroom. Continue to encourage interaction as children come to understand written language. Children in the primary grades can keep developing oral abilities and skills by consulting with each other, raising questions, and providing information in varied situations. Every area of the curriculum is enhanced through language, so that classrooms full of active learners are hardly ever silent.

References References Click the "References" link above to hide these references. Brown, R. Cambridge, MA: Harvard, Cazden, C. Language in Early Childhood Education. Fletcher, P.

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Garman, Eds. Language Acquisition, 2nd ed. Haas Dyson. Language Assessment in the Early Years. Norwood, NJ: Ablex, References Brown, R. Endnotes Endnotes Click the "Endnotes" link above to hide these endnotes. ERIC Digest. Related Topics Early Literacy Development. Speech, Language, and Hearing.

Comments Treating children as if they are conversationalists promotes language use. This is a great article covering oral language.

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