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James Hugh Wilkinson. Written specifically for students, Developing Employability is an outstanding guide to the skills involved in job-hunting and entering the workplace. Straightforward, practical, and accessible, it allows students to develop, experi Coleman vs. Charles F. From The Second Congressional District of Louisiana"Description: "The Making of the Modern Law: Trials, " collection provides descriptions of the major trials from over years, with official trial documents, unofficially published accounts of the trials, briefs and arguments and more.

Readers can delve into sensational trials as well as those precedent The close relationship between 'Crown and Cloister' was forged when King Edward the Confessor built the first great church on this site completed in Today, The Queen and her family come to the Abbey regularly, whether to celebrate or to Memoirs of My Own Times. On November 21, , two IRA bombs exploded in two separate Birmingham pubs, killing 21 people and injuring hundreds. The bombing attacks were part of the ongoing conflict between the British government and the IRA over the status of Northern Ireland.

Six Irish suspects were arrested and sent to interrogation, where four of them signed confessions. The IRA, which claimed responsibility for the Birmingham bombings, declared that the six were not members of its organization. During the subsequent trial, the defendants maintained their innocence, claiming that police had beaten the confessions out of them.

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Prosecutors denied this and also came up with forensic evidence that apparently proved that the Birmingham Six had handled explosives shortly before their arrest. They were convicted and sentenced to lengthy prison terms. In , the forensic evidence was exposed by scientists as unreliable at best, and in an appeals judge conceded that the same results could be obtained from testing people who recently touched playing cards or cigarette paper.

However, it was not until March , with people across Britain and Ireland calling for their release, that the Birmingham Six were freed after years in prison. Seven years later, a British court of appeals formally overturned their sentences, citing serious doubts about the legitimacy of the police evidence and the treatment of the suspects during their interrogation. Caesar, born into the Julii, an ancient but not particularly distinguished Roman aristocratic family, began his political career in 78 B.

He won influence in the party for his reformist ideas and oratorical skills, and aided Roman imperial efforts by raising a private army to combat the king of Pontus in 74 B. He was an ally of Pompey, the recognized head of the Popular Party, and essentially took over this position after Pompey left Rome in 67 B. In 63 B. Two years later, he was made governor of Farther Spain and in 64 B. The consulship, essentially the highest office in the Roman Republic, was shared by two politicians on an annual basis.

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Consuls commanded the army, presided over the Senate and executed its decrees, and represented the state in foreign affairs. In 58 B. Among other achievements, Caesar conquered all of Gaul, made the first Roman inroads into Britain, and won devoted supporters in his legions. The Roman Senate supported Pompey and asked Caesar to give up his army, which he refused to do. In January 49 B. In August 48 B. Caesar was subsequently appointed Roman consul and dictator, but before settling in Rome he traveled around the empire for several years and consolidated his rule.

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In 45 B. As sole Roman ruler, Caesar launched ambitious programs of reform within the empire. The most lasting of these was his establishment of the Julian calendar, which, with the exception of a slight modification and adjustment in the 16th century, remains in use today. He also planned new imperial expansions in central Europe and to the east. In the midst of these vast designs, he was assassinated on March 15, 44 B.

My Lai massacre takes place in Vietnam On this day in , a platoon of American soldiers brutally kill between and unarmed civilians at My Lai, one of a cluster of small villages located near the northern coast of South Vietnam.

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During the Vietnam War, U. Led by Lieutenant William L. Instead of guerrilla fighters, they found unarmed villagers, most of them women, children and old men. The soldiers had been advised before the attack by army command that all who were found in My Lai could be considered VC or active VC sympathizers, and told to destroy the village. Still, they acted with extraordinary brutality, raping and torturing villagers before killing them and dragging dozens of people, including young children and babies, into a ditch and executing them with automatic weapons.

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The massacre reportedly ended when an Army helicopter pilot, Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson, landed his aircraft between the soldiers and the retreating villagers and threatened to open fire if they continued their attacks. The events at My Lai were covered up by high-ranking army officers until the following March, when one soldier, Ron Ridenhour, heard of the incident secondhand and wrote about it in a letter to President Richard Nixon, the Pentagon, the State Department, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and various congressmen. The letter was largely ignored until later that year, when investigative journalist Seymour Hersh interviewed Calley and broke the story.

Soon, My Lai was front-page news and an international scandal.

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In March , an official U. Army inquiry board charged 14 officers, including Calley and his company commander, Captain Ernest Medina, of crimes relating to My Lai. Of that number, only Calley was convicted. Found guilty of personally killing 22 people, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Upon appeal, his sentence was reduced to 20 years, and eventually to Seen by many as a scapegoat, Calley was paroled in after serving just one-third of his sentence. On this day in A. Born in Great Britain, probably in Scotland, to a well-to-do Christian family of Roman citizenship, Patrick was captured and enslaved at age 16 by Irish marauders.

For the next six years, he worked as a herder in Ireland, turning to a deepening religious faith for comfort. Following the counsel of a voice he heard in a dream one night, he escaped and found passage on a ship to Britain, where he was eventually reunited with his family. After studying for the priesthood, Patrick was ordained a bishop.

He arrived in Ireland in and began preaching the Gospel, converting many thousands of Irish and building churches around the country. After 40 years of living in poverty, teaching, traveling and working tirelessly, Patrick died on March 17, in Saul, where he had built his first church. Since that time, countless legends have grown up around Patrick. In art, he is often portrayed trampling on snakes, in accordance with the belief that he drove those reptiles out of Ireland. The first St. As the years went on, the parades became a show of unity and strength for persecuted Irish-American immigrants, and then a popular celebration of Irish-American heritage.

The party went global in , when the Irish government began a large-scale campaign to market St. Today, March 17 is a day of international celebration, as millions of people around the globe put on their best green clothing to drink beer, watch parades and toast the Irish. In , after several years of reductions in their agricultural wages, a group of workers in Tolpuddle, a small village east of Dorchester, England, formed the Friendly Society of Agricultural Labourers.

Led by George Loveless, a farm laborer, the union rapidly grew in the area, and it was agreed that the men would not accept work for less than 10 shillings a week.

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With the urging of the British government, which feared a repetition of the rural unrest of , local authorities arrested Loveless and five others on charges of taking an unlawful oath, citing an outdated law that had been passed in the late 18th century to deal with naval mutiny. In March , these six men, including one who had never taken the oath, were sentenced to seven years imprisonment at an Australian penal colony.

The popular movement surrounding the Tolpuddle controversy is generally regarded as the beginning of trade unionism in Great Britain. Headlines 19th of March Argentine flag hoisted on South Georgia A group of Argentines have landed at the British colony of the Falkland Islands in the south Atlantic and planted their nation's flag.

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About 50 Argentines are reported to have arrived at Leith Harbour, on South Georgia, about 1, miles east of the Falklands archipelago off the Argentine coast. South Georgia is a dependency of the disputed Falklands Islands which Britain claimed in Provocative step They are understood to have a commercial contract to remove scrap metal at Leith Harbour but there are reports they arrived aboard a ship chartered by the Argentine Government. The group has been asked to leave immediately and seek British permission to work on the island.

There is no indication of what the group's motivation is or whether it has hostile intentions. The Foreign Office has not commented on the incident and it is not known if Britain will dispatch the Royal Navy's patrol ship HMS Endurance, which is in the Falklands area, where about 40 marines are stationed at any one time.

Today's events are seen as a provocative step in the on-going dispute between Britain and Argentina over the sovereignty of the islands. Argentina calls the Falkland Islands the Islas Malvinas and it has claimed sovereignty over it ever since the end of Spanish rule.

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Last month, talks in New York between the two countries broke down after Argentina declared it would break off negotiations with London to seek other means of solving the dispute more speedily. But Britain maintains the Falkland Islands, made up of two main islands and nearly smaller ones, will not be handed to Argentina without the approval of the islanders and British Parliament.

In Context The arrival of the Argentines on the island was not reported in Britain until two days later when the Foreign Office released a statement. Government sources said it was most likely sponsored by a commercial company and not the Argentine Government. But within days the situation escalated and on 2 April Argentine forces invaded the islands as the military Junta decided to use force instead of diplomacy to regain the territories. Many did not expect Britain to retaliate but on 5 April a British task force set sail and Argentines died along with British servicemen in the ensuing war.

It ended on 14 June when the commander of the Argentine garrison at Port Stanley surrendered to British troops. By the terms of the agreement, signed on March 20, , Russia would annex the Turkish stronghold of Constantinople, the Bosporus Strait a waterway connecting the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara and marking the boundary between the Asian and European halves of Turkey , and more than half of the European section of Turkey. In return, Russia would agree to British claims on other areas of the former Ottoman Empire and central Persia, including the oil-rich region of Mesopotamia.

The Anglo-Russian agreement of March illustrated the vast degree to which traditional relationships between nations had been changed by World War I. The agreement represented a complete turnaround from past British policy toward Russian control of Constantinople, which they previously thought threatened the British dominance in the region that had been achieved through its colonial administration of India.