Greywalker (Greywalker, Book 1)

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Search LoveVampires Site:. The Review Greywalker is the first novel in a series by Kat Richardson following the adventures of Harper Blaine, a private investigator who, after being so badly beaten that she briefly died, suddenly gains the ability to see ghosts. Latest Reviews. Ward J. Watch book trailers, author interviews, vampire movie and TV show information and trailers. Latest Releases.

Greywalker (Greywalker Series #1)

Ward 1st October I was actually irritated that we had too much going on competing with each other, but then they came together to be connected and feed off one another. It was nicely done, just as I was getting lost and irritated, we then had one storyline fed by all three tributaries. I liked it, I was impressed, it was a great piece of writing.

Characterwise, Harper has a lot of competence. A romance plunged into the middle of all these major life changing events, I was ready to find it out of place and a distraction, but it managed not to be. It was also kind of cute. Which I have to mention. But it means we spend an awfully large part of the book plunging through the Grey with no answers or world building beyond her confusion and inability to deal.

Add in that the explanations given are often very flowery, long winded, academic or otherwise need you to really turn your brain on to keep up. Social justicewise, this Seattle is an extremely erased city. For instance, I had some trouble with what I call "the metasuspension of disbelief.

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In that moment, the reader must be able to accept that supernatural aspect right along with the characters, but also must be able to believe that the characters can believe it. In this case, Harper's struggle isn't so much with the reality of the situation, but whether she's going to accept being on her hero's journey as Joseph Campbell would say. She has little problem with the idea that there's a whole world existing as an alternate dimension parallel to our own, even though that's the kind of information that would put most folks in a padded room right next to the Joker.

Instead, she just doesn't want to deal with it. Rather than "I can't believe it" we get "I don't wanna. That section read as either very rushed or a pat, obligatory interaction meant to tick the "Refusal of the Call" box for the Monomyth. Campbell again Meeting a real life vampire is similarly a fizzle. And it's a fizzle for everybody.

Her instant friends are cool with letting a classic monster archetype into their house--a house with a newborn baby in it, mind you, which seems like the kind of thing social services would get involved in: "Do you have any dogs, exotic pets, or blood-sucking murderous undead monsters in the house? Oh, yes, those kinds of things are sometimes child welfare and safety hazards. Yes, yes, I know, I love dogs too Later, we get an explanation their house is on a sort of magical nexus and protected by wards but--again--they weren't real clear on how vampires eat, and he's a twitchy, shaky, unpredictable newly undead, so where's the new parent angst?

No second thoughts at all about the vampire in a house with your child? I've seen mommies and daddies be more concerned about the style of bottles they're going to use. Overall, I can recommend this book if you're looking for something relatively light, AND not sick to death of vampires.


I'll happily give it a star for the writing and another for the complexity of the plot. I can't really go more than that for a vampire book in the 21st century, but I'll readily admit that's something of a foible, so ignore it at your discretion. View all 6 comments. Sep 23, Tiffany rated it did not like it Shelves: vf-hangout , , urban-fantasy. It's the first time in many, many, many years that I couldn't face finishing a book. I was actually really drawn in at the beginning and found the concept of the Grey really intriguing, but the plot went all sorts of downhill from there.

The characters are all really flat, and Harper was so one-dimensional I found her scenes painfully awkward to read. You know nothing about her backstory really, and her whole persona simple revolves around her being a badass. Except, that really isn't enough to carry the book, and made understanding her motives near-impossible. Bearing in mind she was a private investigator, you'd think she would have bothered to investigate the person who attempted to run her down or break into her office or trash her house Instead she ended up helping Cameron, who she owed absolutely nothing to, and threw herself voluntarily into the vampire world, deciding to take down the head-honcho who wouldn't teach vampire-stuff to Cameron.

I mean, couldn't Cameron learn that from anyone else, at all?


Also did the other vampires really need to wait for someone like Harper to come along to wage their little war against Edward? Harper also took an extraordinarily long time to get used to the idea of being a Greywalker, yet didn't bat an eyelid at the existence of vampires. The married couple she seemed to visit every 5 minutes were pretty much useless, and despite their connection and knowledge of the Grey, weren't really able to offer her any assistance.

Mara even admitted to knowing about the weird magic piece of furniture yet didn't think to tell anyone that it was pretty much sucking the life out of everything. Harper was also a complete jerk to Will, Quinton and Albert, who had all been nothing but nice to her. In short, I didn't really enjoy Greywalker. Its premise sounded exciting, but it didn't deliver for me. Jan 08, Cathy rated it it was ok Shelves: did-not-want-to-finish. I like Harper, and her ferret, and some of the supporting characters, but there is a lot of weird, disjointed stuff going on and the pacing and transitions are jarring and odd.

I just keep making notes about things that are throwing me off and don't make sense. There are way too many coincidences and easy outs she happens to get treated by a doc who takes this stuff seriously, who happens to know the couple of profs who study this stuff, she suddenly has a bunch of clients who have paranormal connections I like Harper somehow, but I'm only mildly curious to find out what happens. If I were reading a print book I'd just flip to the end and wrap it up.

I may go find it in a bookstore or library at some point so I can do that. Maybe it will inspire me to try the book again, but for now I have so many other books I'm eager to get to that I don't want to spend more time on this confusing and only mildly interesting story. Sep 13, Cyndi rated it really liked it. In the beginning our heroine dies, for a few minutes.

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When she wakes up in the hospital her world has changed. Now she can see into the netherworld. She can interact with ghosts and supernatural beings. Although this seems like it would be helpful in her PI business, she seems to have a tough time trying to deal with the grey world. So, since this is the first book it introduces the world and the characters with haunted stuff.

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There is a romance but it feels unnecessary to the plot. Apr 12, Bry rated it it was ok Shelves: , audiobook , urban-fantasy , series. This book was just one big bag of meh. Harper Blaine is a private investigator who generally deals with pretty boring cases that involves a lot of paperwork and foot work.

Suddenly though one of her normal cases goes wonky and she is killed - but only for 2 minutes.