Lies That Go Unchallenged in Popular Culture

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A lie which gave birth to the Islamic State today, costing the US close to 5, young lives, hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis and over a trillion dollars, and still counting. Mileikowsky, the real name , was changed to Netanyahu in when his father immigrated to Palestine.

A name he changed himself once again to Ben Nitay in the s when he worked in the US — this time, to make it easier for Americans to pronounce it. This is akin of someone adopting the name Geronimo to claim Native American lineage. Blog at WordPress. WP Designer. Uprootedpalestinians's Blog. Authors fada1 indigoblue76 mala martyrashrakat michaellee samivesusu uprootedpalestinians Zara Ali Who Killed Thikra. On June 22, , at the urging of the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars , Congress passed Public Law , which codified the etiquette used to display and pledge allegiance to the flag.

Congress later amended the code on December 22, when it passed Public Law Among other changes, it eliminated the Bellamy salute and replaced it with the stipulation that the pledge "be rendered by standing with the right hand over the heart. The gesture, already established in the United States through the Bellamy salute, has been traced to the Broadway production of the play Ben-Hur. The salute frequently occurs in early 20th century films set in antiquity, such as the American Ben-Hur and the Italian Nerone , although such films do not yet standardize it or make it exclusively Roman.

DeMille's Sign of the Cross and Cleopatra , although the execution of the gesture is still variable. Of special note is the use in Giovanni Pastrone 's colossal epic Cabiria Variations on the salute occur throughout Cabiria on the part of Romans and Africans. D'Annunzio, who had written the subtitles for the silent movie epic Cabiria , appropriated the salute when he occupied Fiume in Like other neo-Imperial rituals utilized by D'Annunzio, the salute became part of the Italian fascist movement's symbolic repertoire.

Achille Starace , the Italian Fascist Party secretary, pushed for measures to make the use of the Roman salute generally compulsory, denouncing hand shaking as bourgeois. He further extolled the salute as "more hygienic, more aesthetic, and shorter. By , the salute was adopted as the substitute for the handshake. The symbolic value of the gesture grew, and it was felt that the proper salute "had the effect of showing the fascist man's decisive spirit, which was close to that of ancient Rome".

The bourgeois gesture was supposed to disappear from the view of Italians and not contaminate their daily life. In , the party abolished handshaking in films and theater, and on November 21, the Ministry of Popular Culture issued orders banning the publishing of photographs showing people shaking hands. Even official photographs of visiting dignitaries were retouched to remove the image of their handshaking. The compulsory use of the Hitler salute for all public employees followed a directive issued by Reich Minister of the Interior Wilhelm Frick on July 13, , one day before the ban on all non-Nazi parties.

Similar forms of salutes were adopted by various groups.

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Its use in France dates back to , when the Jeunesses Patriotes Patriotic Youth , a movement led by Pierre Taittinger , would give the fascist salute at meetings while shouting "Dictatorship! In the early s, the salute was used by members of the Estonian nationalist right wing Vaps Movement , [54] as well as the Brazilian Integralist Action , who used to salute by raising one arm. In Greece in , when Ioannis Metaxas and his 4th of August Regime took power, an almost identical salute was adopted — first by the National Youth Organization and later by the government as well as common people — and used even while fighting against Italy and Germany in WW2.

In Spain, on April 27, , General Francisco Franco formally approved the salute in a decree which made it the official salutation to be used by all except the military, who would continue to use the traditional military salutes. These lyrics remained part of the Spanish national anthem until On January 4, , the salute by raising one arm was adopted in Romania under a statute promulgating the National Renaissance Front.

On guard!

Roman salute - Wikipedia

The salute has been used many times by prominent individuals as well as groups of people since the war. Famed poet Ezra Pound used the salute in praise of his adopted country of Italy when he returned in after being released from an insane asylum in America. In , Italian footballer Paolo Di Canio created controversy by twice using the gesture to salute S.

Lazio fans, first in a match against archrivals A.


Roma and then against A. Livorno Calcio a club inclined to leftist politics. In June, , Michela Vittoria Brambilla , an Italian politician and businesswoman commonly described as a possible successor to Silvio Berlusconi for leadership of the Italian right, was caught in a controversy over her alleged use of the Roman salute, with calls for her to step down. And why should I have made a public display of such a despicable gesture shortly after I've been made a minister?

Use of the salute and accompanying phrases has been forbidden by law in Germany since the end of World War II. Section 86a of the German Penal Code provides for punishment of up to three years in prison for anyone using the salute, unless it is used for artistic, scientific, or educational purposes. The Greek nationalist party Golden Dawn uses the Roman salute unofficially. Golden Dawn is accused by its opponents of being neo-Nazi, but the party denies this and claims that the salute is ancient Greek or Roman, and that it is used as a tribute to Ioannis Metaxas and his 4th of August Regime which led Greece against the foreign occupation forces in WWII.

Opposition fighters in Syria have also been filmed and documenting using it, or a variance thereof, on multiple occasions.

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Often these allegations are raised at the expense of the opposing groups, pro-Assad sympathizers alleging Nazi sympathies of the Opposition and vice versa. The Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging , a neo-Nazi political party and paramilitary force known for its advocacy of an all-white Afrikaner Volkstaat , [88] [89] has utilized Nazi-style uniforms, flags, insignia, and salutes at meetings and public rallies.

It is used by some Rangers F. Its similarity to the Nazi salute has caused offence and the football club and its supporters' association have asked them not to use it. A large number of films made after World War II made the Roman salute a visual stereotype of a proto-fascist ancient Roman society. Not until Gladiator did the Roman epic return to the cinema. Variations on the salute also appear in neo-fascist contexts. For example, The Christian Falangist Party, founded in , uses a " pectoral salute ", in which the right arm, bent at the elbow, is extended from the heart, palm down.

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Main article: Nazi salute. Lewis-Short s. LSJ s. G3 Diogmitoi [sic! Polykleitos, the Doryphoros, and tradition. Wisconsin studies in classics illustrated ed.

Lies That Go Unchallenged in Popular Culture (How Now)

Univ of Wisconsin Press. In addition to its specific contemporary use the gesture comes to express, in a fashion that appears timeless and even mystical, an appeal to a higher being and to a heroic ancient past that had served as a model for most of Western civilization for centuries, although often in ways not supported by historical fact. Art in an age of revolution, — Social history of modern art. No fact goes unchallenged. One common denominator of super-affluent alpha men is the conviction, unchallenged every day, that the world revolves around them.

The highest of the world's mountains, it seems, has to make but a single gesture of magnificence to be the lord of all, vast in unchallenged and isolated supremacy. At least in the West, politicians, corporations and media moguls can no longer take for granted their power to control the public discourse - and have it go unchallenged. In "Lies That Go Unchallenged in Popular Culture, " Charles Colson examines seven lies that affect our contemporary society, and he brings clarity to various events and trends over the past decade.

A Millennial Response to "The Truth About Popular Culture" (1/2)

Charles W. Colson, James S. Bell, In Lost in Mongolia, Colin Angus takes readers through never-before-seen territory and his wonderful sense of adventure and humour come through on every page.

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From the Trade Paperback edition. Colin Angus, Ian Mulgrew, Bush Sr. Jon Bond, Kevin Smith, In "Lies That Go Unchallenged in Media and Government, " Charles Colson explains the myths that oppose the heartbeat of Christianity and diminish the welfare of our country's future generations. Colson, As all unchallenged rules of the prosecutor are added to T2 as defeasible rules T2 now consists of all unchallenged rules of the prosecutor and all arguments ARG2 of the defendant.

We have now grown beyond 71 the era in which the global power of the United States was absolute and unchallenged , and it would be danger- 72 ous and futile to attempt a restoration of the post- World War II balance George Ehrenhaft, Robert L. Lehrman, Fred Obrecht, Whoever, after such judicial ban, retained unchallenged seisin for a year and a day, gained thereby the " rechte " or judicially sanctioned seisin.