Royal Kinship: British-German Family Networks 1815-1918 (Prinz-Albert-Forschungen)

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By focusing on the role played by heirs to the throne, this volume offers an original perspective on the ability of monarchies to persuade sceptical audiences, nourish positive emotions and thereby strengthen the position of each dynasty within its respective nation. Using examples from Britain, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Sweden, Norway and Prussia, an international team of experts analyzes and explains the development of the very soft power tools which are still being used by Ruling Houses today.

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Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. At the outset, it appears likely that the Europeans will be defeated by the stoney sobriety of the New Englanders, but very soon, the Baroness sets to work on the locals.

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The main theme of the book appears to be the differences between European and American people — or rather, the differences as Henry James perceived them in , when the novel was written. The European characters, Felix and Eugenia, are portrayed as emotional, free-spirited people living bohemian lifestyles, while their American cousins are presented as serious, reserved and unsophisticated. A quick summation of why Henry James is among the most illustrious and celebrated American authors.

Royal Kinship: British-German Family Networks 1815-1918 (Prinz-Albert-Forschungen)

His writing in this book surveys the interaction of European society with early, austere, and moralistic American culture. The Europeans is the last work of Henry James's early period. Published in , this novella was written while James resided in Europe, primarily in London. Frederick Van Clayton. Randolph County. Cemeteries of the Eastern Sierra. Gena Philibert-Ortega.

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How is Queen Elizabeth related to other European monarchs?

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