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Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction by Philip E. Tetlock

Viewed 70k times. Best of luck! Note that the book is now also available as a paper version. More specifically, the version as of a particular point in time is - the online version is continually being updated. If you are specifically looking into time series forecasting, I would recommend following books: Forecasting Methods and Applications by Makridakis, Wheelwright and Hyndman. I keep referring to this book repeatedly, This is a classic, writing style is absolutely phenomenal. An exceptional treatment on transfer function modeling and forecasting is in Forecasting with Dynamic Regression Models by Pankratz.

Again the writing style is absolutely great. Another extremely useful if you in to applying forecasting to solve real world problems is Principles of Forecasting by Armstrong. Breadth and Depth in coverage - Hyndman et al. Writing style - I really cant complain as both the books are exceptionally well written.

However I personally lean towards Makridakis because it boils down complex concepts into reader friendly sections. There is a section on Dynamic regression or transfer functions, I have no where encountered such clear explanation on this "complex method".

A Forecasters' Handbook for West Africa

It takes extraordinary writing talent to help reader understand what Dynamic regression is in 15 pages and they succeed at it. Three dedicated chapters on how to apply forecasting in real world in Makridakis et al. I am new to time series analysis and have a PhD in applied mathematics but very little knowledge in statistics and know some machine learning. Would you recommend it? Or should I really start with the Makridakis? I am indeed more interested by the theoretical side currently, but in the end I will probably get both :.

I have not used these but have found several others in the series to be excellent. Chapter 15, Statistics with R , by Vincent Zoonekynd - Decent intro, but probably slightly more advanced. I find that there's too much poorly commented code, and not enough explanation thereof. Hirek Hirek 1 1 gold badge 7 7 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. But I wonder whether you might have some relationship to one of the authors. Is that true? I was one of the two authors. You really can't beat free, especially if your goal is education. Seems like great data to learn on Can't beat the price as it costs nothing , You should like it..

Dimitriy V. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. For that, it explains how to report, present and sell forecasts to management. Nothing improves unless it is measured. It discusses in detail key performance indicators, which are used or should be used in business.

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Also, what we can do to improve forecasts. Above all, it brings out a number of worst practices, with the thinking once companies recognize what they are doing wrong, they will do something about them. Table of Contents Click Here. Yes, the math is there, but it is much more than that, with over 40 years of experience and real life examples where the function is at the moment, how we got here and most importantly where we are going.

Whether you are just getting into the vocation or an executive looking to take your Demand Planning to the next level, make sure to pick up this book to ensure your organization is heading in the right direction. The book strips down a complex subject to its essential elements and explains them clearly and concisely. They use practical, real world examples to illustrate the concepts presented.

It is a must for managers responsible for improving their organization's Demand Planning capability or someone new to Forecasting who needs to understand the basics of proper data selection, forecasting models, or improvement metrics. It is an excellent educational resource for both the novice forecaster and the experienced planning professional. They've done an excellent job in blending the body of knowledge from various sources, along with their own practical business and teaching experiences, to produce a very readable book that bridges theory with what is really going in Business Forecasting and Planning.

Trend forecasting is one of the many hidden roles that keep the proverbial wheels turning in the fashion industry. I sift through trend forecasting sources, research data and market intelligence. Then, keeping my target market in mind, I curate key themes for the season and connect the dots to identify a future trend. Trend forecasters typically work at the very beginning of the process, often times 18 months to two years ahead of the current season.

Forecasters use a number of resources to inform their predictions, here are a few of them. Cast your mind back to the scene where Miranda explains to Andy that the cerulean blue of her sweater was not an accident. It had been chosen by Oscar De La Renta in when he sent gowns in that exact colour down his runway. The trickle-down begins when a number of designers feature a look, colour or design detail during their shows at Fashion Week.

In turn, editors and stylists will incorporate the detail into their fashion editorials the following season.

The Fashion Forecasters

These will then influence what you, as a consumer, will wear. A Harlem couturier infamous in the s for reprinting the logos of Gucci and Louis Vuitton. WGSN is a subscription-only platform that reports on trends impacting the fashion industry, from the seasonal catwalks to beauty tech innovations and sustainability. This trend forecasting source also offers a seemingly limitless image library of everything from Copenhagen street style to extreme floral headpieces.