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I think the idea that Neville will sacrifice himself to save humanity is what the theatrical ending tried to get across while the ending here is more rosy. Realistically though Did regular layman moviegoers actually think to themselves "oh this was about Neville sacrificing himself to save humanity" or did all of that get overshadowed by the simultaneous "pfft" heard in the theater when Alice showed up at that survival town.

Cool, I've been looking forward to the alternate ending since I saw the movie. I'm a huge fan of the novel, especially because of the 'legend'-part, so I was rather disappointed when they didn't even talk about that in the movie. As you say, the first half is incredible, even thought the similarities to the novel are non-existing, I still liked it a lot, great performance by Smith and I loved the fact that they kept the sub-story about the dog, even though that was also changed significantly.

Anyway, the theatrical ending is horrible, and after reading about this alternate ending, I still didn't really expect it to be anything other than a short scene where Smith hands over the woman and the vampires leave.

The fact that you see how much the alpha-male cares for the woman, that they just want to be left alone, and Neville realizes he's been doing something horrible, is incredible, it didn't seem like they dared to do that. Too bad WB chickened out in the end. Marcus on Mar 5, Alex, Your taste for movies must reside somewhere in your asshole if you think this movie even deserves to be near a best of list.

This was one of the worst movies of and resembled I-Robot so much that it probably could have been called I-notveryscarymonster. For you to see this movie at the theatres 3 times is a disgrace as it proves that your intellect is somewhere beteween that of a turd and a retarded spider monkey.

Also now that you are actually trying to decifer why the most retarded scientist in movie history was killed really proves your stupidity. Scott I think are being a bit harse. I thought it was one of the best movies I saw this year, better then National Treasure and others like that. It was one of the few movies I did get to see so maybe that biases me some what.

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As for your last comment Alex, yes I did think it was about him sacrificing himself, I saw the movie a couple weeks after opening so I doubt anyone there was a fan of the novel and were just "layman" moviegoers as you call em. I will grant that that was better than the original ending. However, I still do not think it is the best it could have been. I think sticking closer to the overall theme of the book would have made the movie stronger. You still lose the fact that Neville IS the last man on earth, and you're left with hope that there are other survivors. So even with this ending, you lose some of the magic of the story.

But yes, far less "screw the people who read the book"-y.

Tempted All Night by Liz Carlyle (2009, Paperback)

Quicksilver on Mar 5, Stephen, 'I am legend' is a cinematic materpiece when compared to 'National treasue' obviously by your comments you don't get out much. I suggest you watch movies that aren't endorsed by Alex as the movies that Alex declares as best of the year will turn you into a mindless fucktard. Why are you a dick to everyone? Fuck off bro, you honestly know nothing about this. Give one good example of your cinematic "mater"piece and maybe I'll consider not thinking your a complete idiot who doesn't understand cinema.

I loved the book and really disliked the movie as it was a total disconnect from the entire 'Legend' concept of the book.

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Neville was entirely re-written from an ordinary man fighting every day to get through to a kind of "super-hero" Dr. That said, I would have liked the movie better if the ending had been this one, but overall read the book. Much better. Ben Reubenstein on Mar 5, The alternate ending is definitely better, and felt true to the story. Warners really messed up with the version they put in theaters. It ruined the whole movie for me. Seeing the alternate ending makes the movie feal more complete to me now. Thanks Alex!!!!! Also, I Am Legend was very predictable. The second I saw the dog I knew he was going to be bitten by the Vampires and that Smith would have to kill him See, this is the problem with Blockbusters, they're made with the same predictable formula.

By the way, am I the only one to think that the CG used in the film read: every vampire wasn't that great? Anyway, I'm tired of those film If I would have seen this, that bitter taste in my mouth would not have occurred. I was under the impression that this ending was changed because it didn't test well with audiences.

But was this because they didn't like the fact that you don't find out if there are any other survivors, or because Neville didn't die?

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Ryan on Mar 5, This actually brings me to ease, because throughout the entire movie I was looking for that specific sequence that I had seen in the trailer virus infected human whispering sweet nothings in Smith's ear yet I was dissapointed, or more confused, that it was missing in its entirety, where I thought it should be at the end. I enjoyed the alternate ending immensly, as it seemed to bring a lot more depth along with some closure; whereas the theatrical one just seemed to Though, the theatrical one was more intense, and I think it was needed as most people would've walked out of the theatre with the alternative ending saying "that sucked I hated the ending.

To be honest, I think the the theatrical ending is a lot more somber and better overall. I mean Will Smith's character dies in the theatrical ending I just think it's a bolder choice.

This one just sort of This was excellent, and added more tone for the audience to feel after watching the movie Whilst I do prefer the alternative ending, I think I like the threatrical one more on the basis that Neville dies. To be, that makes a massive impact, and I can't tell you how refreshing I found it to see a Hollywood film where the main character doesn't survive for once.

Personally, I would have liked the alternative ending to have Neville executed by the Vamps I forget the actual name. After glancing at the subject-wall, Neville could easily mumble something like, "What have I done? You could easily have the head Vamp go over to the wall of something, and show that he recognises Neville's acts as murder. This kind of ending would have been a lot more inkeeping with the book, whilst remaining as sombre as the threatrical cut and keeping that fantastic feeling of dispare.

This is awesome. I can't tell you how much better this made the movie. I never read the book, but hearing from people who had, and knowing the original premise really made me feel they butchered it. Especially after they claimed they made the first movie adaptation that stuck by the book. The person commenting above me 23 missed the point. That ending they created changes the story so much, and even pertaining to the title of the movie, that it becomes a different story all together. That moment where he realizes he is the monster and not the hunted, is the ah-ha moment this movie needed.

Thanks again for posting this. I am a huge fan of the big and expressed on many occasions my dislike for the film to Alex. This ending is better in that it doesn't show the vampires as wild creatures it shows them as a collective with leaders and such. Neville was the legend. Legends die The introduction of the woman is what really screwed up the movie for me. If she was like the one in the book and the ending followed the book it would have been a trully great film. This ending was much better. I hated the ending in theaters with the whole community of survivers and stuff. This ending showed some hope but was still very open.

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Why do studios always have to fuck things up? Andreas on Mar 5, The theatrical ending wasn't that bad. The alternate ending was better even though I thought realistically they should've killed Neville basically because he's killed so many and their food supply was pretty low. But the alternate ending leaves more room to expand on maybe Neville can return and become this bad ass character he is in the book but then again we've already got a Blade movie so why do another.

I'm with Alex, I think the movie was one of the best of 07' National Treasure sucked. They should put the alternate ending back into the movie and release it into the theater again like Michael Clayton. I wish they would make a real i am ledgend movie that is based directly off the book, or even off the leaked orriginal screenplay leaving on the tugboat and having an undergrownd sewer city with the creatures in it etc.

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I want a DVD copy of the movie with the alternate ending being used as the actual ending so I don't have to go to special features to watch it. This ending is far superior. Not because of Neville but what we learn about the infected. They still have a part of humanity and the leaders intentions were more than just get Neville. When Neville glances to the wall of photos of all the infected that he experimented on you can see that he understands that he has lost his humanity as much as them.

This ending would have made this film much better. Overall the theatrical ending was just lame, although I didn't mind that Neville died. Will Smith was an amazing force in this film. This ending is quite amazing. It totally captures the same feel as the ending from the book and at the same time is updated and fits with the rest of the movie.

The only reason I can think of that this wasn't used is because they felt they had to dumb the movie down for the masses. Once again the sheeple have ruined a perfectly good movie. Knightmare on Mar 5, While I think this ending would have been an improvement over the one that they actually used, I can honestly say I still wouldn't have liked the movie.

I'm not going to claim any reason other than the book has been one of my favorites since I was young and the movie was just wrong.

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Will Smith himself did amazingly well. I didn't realize he was that talented an actor, but he is drug down by the fact that everything he's in has to be such a big blockbuster and have lots of CG and a huge budget. I actually stopped liking the movie as soon as the vampires showed up.

They were just wrong. IF you've seen 30 Days of Night not a spectacular movie in itself really, but I do not and never will understand why they would use all CG to create monsters that are basically sick human beings.