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The university set several deadlines, and, amid negotiations over contracts, the Patriot students missed them all. At first, I was imagining a conventional lecture: the lecture is the object; the digital recording is its shadow. Yiannopoulos is not the only orator who has figured out that a speaking gig at a public university, especially in the face of fierce ideological opposition, is an easy way to attract an audience.

I thought it was a great success, and so did most everyone else. In fact, it was a transcription of a lecture that the conservative pundit Ben Shapiro had delivered on campus the previous week. Shapiro tries to appeal to both the pro-Trump and the anti-Trump factions of the Republican base, spitting out indignant syllogisms in a rapid nasal delivery that sounds like a podcast played at double speed.

He had reserved a lecture hall on Sproul Plaza, and a thousand protesters showed up outside the venue.


They arrested nine protesters and confiscated a few sticks and other potential weapons. There was no violence—at least, not of the physical variety. Student Union, chanted. Roland is from Santa Maria, a farm town several hours south of Berkeley. That is an apologetics for white supremacy, an ideology with a long legacy of violence. I asked john powell what he thought about the rhetorical tactic of conflating speech with bodily harm. Adam Jadhav, a Ph. Marx was expressing his exasperation with armchair philosophers who are all talk and no action. In March, a political scientist named Jeffrey Sachs analyzed the most recent data, broken down by age.

It was a bright Friday morning, and Dan Mogulof, the Berkeley public-affairs administrator, was speed-walking to California Hall, a Beaux-Arts building where the chancellor and other top administrators have their offices.

The Palace of Laughter

In theory, Free Speech Week was to begin in forty-eight hours. At the entrance to California Hall, Mogulof took a call on his cell phone. His eyebrows shot up, and he pumped his fist like a golfer sinking a long putt.

Then he hung up and paced the corridors, popping in through various doors and interrupting meetings. College administrators across the country were watching Free Speech Week closely. Richard Spencer was scheduled to speak soon at the University of Florida, and Charles Murray had been invited to the University of Colorado in Boulder. Mogulof hurried to Sproul Plaza, where he had called a press conference for print and TV reporters, both local and national.

As Mogulof spoke to the reporters, an undergraduate sociology student walked by, holding an iced coffee and a Rice Krispies Treats wrapper. The student was not satisfied. She continued to ask questions, using her phone to film the interaction. As she talked, a few of the TV cameras swung toward her.

That night, I called Yiannopoulos and asked him where he was. For security reasons. It took me twenty minutes to discover his secret location, and another forty-five minutes to get there by BART. It was a chain hotel situated between a strip mall and an eight-lane highway, in the commuter suburb of Walnut Creek. Yiannopoulos greeted me with a kiss on the cheek, as though he had no memory of our earlier conversation.

For security reasons, you understand. Ann Coulter and Steve Bannon were no-shows. Joining Yiannopoulos were a few of his employees and the two remaining headliners, Pamela Geller and Mike Cernovich.

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Off campus? What the fuck is going on?

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I predict two hundred and fifty thousand viewers watching that live stream, at least. Geller and Cernovich changed the subject to Internet censorship.

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  • Page 2 — Berkeley Barb June , — Independent Voices.

Yiannopoulos looked bored. They continued hashing out plans. The stylist came back with the coat, and Yiannopoulos squealed. He put the coat on and turned around, again and again, examining his reflection in the darkened glass of a window.

There was no speedboat, no drone footage, no press conference on Treasure Island. Yiannopoulos, live-streaming on Facebook from his hotel room, delivered what he called a press conference, although the only questions came from online commenters. The next day, police escorted Yiannopoulos, Geller, and Cernovich onto Sproul Plaza through a back entrance. The plaza was ringed by police in riot gear; helicopters thumped overhead; snipers were visible on the rooftops.

A crowd of supporters and protesters gathered outside the barricades, waiting to be let in. Perhaps to cover that there are powerful and controlling forces in their midst which hate us because we are not them. Perhaps both. After all, the Saudi Royal Family is large and has to prepare for its future. Osama bin Laden is a front man, formidable but a front. The corrupt and cruel regimes of the Middle East are interested only in their own wealth and power. It's different there you know. In the West our power seekers, though selfish, identify with the nation and it's institutions.

In the Middle East the nation identifies with the Power Man, and they don't get to vote him out. We know thisbut we satisfy our primitive talonic need by bombing Afghanistan. Bush said, Turn him and his lieutenants and his thugs over and we''ll stop what we're doing to your country. I am ashamed. The most powerful most technologically advanced country in the world crushing to dust a country where they have mostly stones. I hope to hell that we give them what they need to rebuild. But now, right now we have dropped , single day food packs.

Are we rushing to send vast ship loads of our surplus grain, which we have sometimes allowed to rot? We have been attacked ruthlessly and the best we can do is bomb Afghanistan and sneak around on the ground at night blowing up small arms and killing some more pawns, while most of the real terrorist supporters and most of the rest of the world applaud politely. And while the worst thugs in Iraq thumb their noses at us, and in Iran they smile hardly even up their sleeves, at our seeming impotence.

And maybe they tremble secretly at our raw power and our willingness to use it ruthlessly. The Taliban are thugs but I have been sitting with this for days. It helps to write. I feel a little more angry and a little less blue. The funds will come from state grant money the city received last November. According to the report the contract with the Flamingo is stop gap measure until long-term housing is arranged. The council will hear a report on the status of homeless people residing in Berkeley.

The report is based on a survey by Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency, a nonprofit organization that provides shelter and services for the homeless in Berkeley and Oakland, of homeless men and women.

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  3. Bibliography of Anthony Berkeley Cox.
  4. The Earth: La Terre (Penguin Classics).
  5. Macromolecules in the Functioning Cell;
  6. Among the solutions suggested in the report are that the city add to the number of shelter beds, create a detoxification facility and designate a legal camping area in the city limits. The report also asks for greater investigation of the relationship between the homeless and the Berkeley Police Department. Chief Dash Butler will be present to respond to some of the conclusions in the report.

    According to a COD report, the stage of the current location, Ashkenaz, has an inaccessible stage and the entrance ramp is of an unsatisfactory design. Access to them is more difficult during events when the narrow hallway outside the bathroom is crowded with people.

    The report suggests that the current venue does not adequately accommodate the growing number of people who attend the popular festival each year. Some schools have accessible auditoriums and space for workshops and related festival activities. The council will consider a recommendation from Mayor Shirley Dean to review the school traffic safety plans. According to the recommendation, the council approved a proposal over a year ago that required each Berkeley school, public and private, to submit a safety plan for picking up and dropping off of children.

    But Dean said there is little evidence that the plans are in effect. The recommendation contends that a police officer, who once enforced a minute parking limit on Ellis Street near Malcolm X School, is no longer there and children continue to cross Ashby Avenue at Ellis Street instead of walking one block west where there is a traffic signal. The report also describes a child struck by a car while crossing Ellis Street to reach a school yard.

    See a Problem?

    The council will hold four public hearings, beginning with a proposal to increase parking fees at the Center Street Garage. The council will hear public comments on the formation and taxation of businesses in the Downtown Berkeley Business Improvement District. It will also hear an appeal of a declaration by the Zoning Adjustments Board that a property at McGee Avenue is a public nuisance.

    Another public hearing will be held on the draft plan on Nov. The recent redistricting process was marred by a Census Bureau undercount of nearly 4, people, mostly students in districts 7 and 8. The Berkeley Housing Authority, which is made of the City Council and two affordable housing residents, will meet in the Council Chambers at p. In order for the program to remain viable and to avoid financial cuts by the Office of Housing and Urban Development, the BHA has to reach a goal of 1, section 8 leases.