Web Audio API: Advanced Sound for Games and Interactive Apps

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Author, simulate, integrate, mix and profile using one sound engine. Wwise offers a comprehensive interactive audio pipeline.

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Ship your projects on time by reducing technical risks. Wwise is a proven industry standard, and provides the most reliable support services. Work in synergy even when your colleagues are distributed around the world.

Superpowered SDKs are incredible alone — but even better when used together

No matter the size or proximity of your team, Wwise makes it easy to maintain your collaboration harmony. Engaged and cooperative, the Wwise community is one of the largest in our growing interactive audio industry. The Audiokinetic Creators Directory empowers its members by connecting audio experts and developers on an international platform. From detailed free coursework and robust documentation to sample projects and a growing network of partner schools, Wwise provides myriad ways to get started or polish your skills.

Wwise Spatial Audio is a family of built-in spatial audio features complemented by in-house and 3rd party plug-ins that seamlessly integrate with the Wwise production workflow.

An Introduction to the Web Audio API

Wwise Spatial Audio specializes in sound propagation, virtual acoustics, and spatially informed audio rendering. As a continuing research field at Audiokinetic, many new spatial audio features, plug-ins, and partnerships can be expected in the coming years. Audiokinetic has developed a series of premium plug-ins that target the specific needs of interactive sound design and enhance the Wwise experience.

Wwise Convolution lets you create convincing reverberation based on samples of real acoustic spaces, from the smallest room to the largest cathedral. You can use the impulse responses provided by Audiokinetic and AudioEase. Or import your own in any channel configuration, including ambisonics.


Wwise Motion lets you use the Wwise Authoring Tool to control not only the sound, but the haptic feedback of your control interface. May 28, Mike rated it really liked it.

Getting Started with Web Audio API

It's more of a list of functions available with some code to play with. The author does his best in describing audio and sound in general, but doesn't make it the focal point of the book.

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  • While I'm waiting for a more in-depth version of a Web Audio API book, perhaps with building blocks and best practices, this one will do for reference and for leap frogging off the exampls. Feb 22, Tom rated it liked it Shelves: javascript , music , web. This book is fine, but too shallow.

    It feels more like a quick-start guide then as a introductory book. Overall, if you are looking for a tutorial and prefer a hard copy over reading from the screen like me this book is fine. Otherwise, read some tutorials on the net and you will cover the whole topic much faster. Aug 27, Aelena rated it really liked it. This book does a good job of introducing the web audio api and a very basic theory behind sound.

    Obviously that is a complex topic and not the main purpose of the book, but it has enough samples to get you started with this api and do some noise on your own. May 06, Matt rated it liked it.

    Web Audio API : Advanced Sound for Games and Interactive Apps - inicpieke.tk

    Could use more depth. Decent overview of the API, but the last couple of chapters say "outside the scope of this book" a little too often.

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    • Aug 22, Marshall Upshur rated it really liked it. Good intro, wish it provided more examples, but the API is still evolving and that's what playing is for. Superpowered powers tens of thousands of apps and billions of app-installs.

      Create Game Music using WebAudio API. JavaScript/CSS Game: #2.15 the hidden Gems

      Super together. Superpowered SDKs are incredible alone — but even better when used together Try all three together and test their combined power and speed. Use just one Superpowered API to cover all major platform targets. Learn more. Use just one Superpowered API to cover all browsers on all devices.